School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

Walden Public School is proud to be a green school, with a strong emphasis on energy conservation and environmental stewardship. We opened in November of 2009 and offer English and French Immersion programs to 445 students in K to Grade 6 in state-of-the-art facilities. It is a wonderful school nestled in the community of Lively. Our motto is “Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow”. We are the Walden Heat.

Athletic opportunities abound at Walden Public School. Our junior students will participate in cross country running, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track and field and relay teams. We are continuing the traditions of our predecessor schools (George Vanier and Jessie Hamilton) and retain our place as athletic leaders in sporting events on and off the court.

There are many academic challenges for our students as well. Al day, every day Kindergarten took effect in the Fall of 2014. French Immersion programming is offered starting in Junior Kindergarten. Students in the Regular Program at Walden Public School have French as a Second Language instruction for 150 minutes a week beginning in Grade 4. Students may also sign up for Ojibwe language lessons for 120 minutes per week. Our students are involved in Public Speaking and our top students compete at the Legion Level. Traditionally, our students place at or near the top in the primary and junior divisions. In addition, our students participate in the Legion Poster and Poetry Contest. Our students were successful in every level of competition.

Character development is an integral part of our program. We participate in many Pay-It-Forward initiatives whereby students are encouraged to perform random acts of kindness. We are a caring community which supports many local causes.

Walden Public School has an active School Council. In recent years, the focus has been on securing a new “green” school for all students in Sudbury West that will provide the children with quality facilities while ensuring that sound environmental practices for a sustainable planet are in place. Due to the hard work and dedication of School Council members, this dream has become a reality. The school community is now turning its attention to creating a natural playground that embraces creative play within the natural environment.

Technology is the future. Our school has invested in iPads and Chromebook tablets for students to use as research and learning tools. All classes in Grades 1 to 6 have a SMART Board and we also use digital projectors and document cameras. All classrooms have computers for daily use.

Walden Public School has an outstanding staff of dedicated professionals who provide a dynamic education for all of our students.