School Council

School Council

School Council

The Walden School Council is an advisory body, which will work collaboratively with the School and Board to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. It will also assist to provide a sharing, caring and learning environment so that each student will realize his/her fullest potential. The council is established under the Education Act – Ontario Regulations 612/00 (School Councils) and adheres to the Regulations therein.

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School Council 2018-2019

On September 19th, our first School Council meeting determined the voting membership for our group. This year’s School Council consists of the following people:

Amanda Zurkowski – Chair
David Kurt – Vice-Chair
Lorrie McGrayne – Secretary
Anna Charbonneau
Ebtisam Albahri
Gord Turner
Amanda Bentley
Lyndsey Wheeldon
Jessica Joy
Christine Hryciw
Erin Herranen
Kyle Holford
Johanna Campbell-Friesen – Teaching staff rep
Heather Dubeau – Acting V.P.
Stephen Winckel – Principal

All parents are welcome at our School Council events and our meetings are scheduled as follows:

November 21st, 2018
March 20th, 2019
Tentative – April 16th, 2019
May 15th, 2019