Balanced School Day

Balanced School Day

Please note there is no supervision on the playground before 8:30 am or after 3:10 pm.



Lunch Time

Parents can help keep our lunch routines successful by reminding children of the importance of following the lunch rules. Staying in their seat, using an indoor voice and not sharing food help lunchtime to run smoothly.

We have a number of students at Walden Public School who have life-threatening food allergies.  Please keep our students safe by not sending peanut/nuts, foods with “may contain nuts” warnings on their labels or nut butter substitutes. Also, please support any food allergy action plans specific to other food allergies of children in specific classrooms. These plans will be communicated to families as required.

We encourage students to think about the environment. One way to demonstrate our respect for the environment is an initiative to promote waste reduction and litterless lunches. This is achieved by sending home unconsumed lunch items and wrappings at the end of the day for disposal. The key to success appears to be washable containers for each food/drink item.

The school offers your choice of white or chocolate milk daily as well as cheese and pepperoni pizza on Tuesdays and Cheese pizza on Thursdays.  **This program is currently on hold due to COVID restrictions and volunteer availability**


Students in Grades 1 to 6 have two opportunities for recess in the balanced day.  If weather permits, they will be outdoors twice each day for 20 minutes of free play and fresh air. While in the school yard, students are monitored by several staff who are available to promote safe play and support problem solving.

In the event of inclement weather, students will remain in their classrooms and choose from activities supplied by their classroom teachers.

Students are reminded to be safe, be respectful, and have fun.

**Current COVID protocols are in place to ensure students remain with their classroom cohorts in their designated outdoor recess zones. Zones are rotated each week. 

Nutrition Break Supervisors

Walden Public School employs three paid Nutrition Break Supervisors to help monitor students during our two nutrition breaks. Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Supervising students during each 20 minute outside recess.
  • Supervising students during each 20 minute eating block and assist students with clean-up of the lunch area.
  • Work with students with a variety of backgrounds. 
  • Work with students with a variety of needs and capabilities. 
  • Communicate in a sensitive, courteous manner with students, staff and other supervisors. 
  • Support students in solving problems in a positive manner. 

From time to time we also need temporary replacements for our Nutrition Break Supervisors. If you are able to assist us in this area, please contact the office for more information. Please note that a current police record check from Greater Sudbury Police is required to supervise our students.

Balanced School Day