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Internet and Electronic Devices

Internet and Electronic Devices

Internet and Electronic Devices

The Internet and electronic devices have changed our world, offering unparalleled resources and associated challenges. As the technology has expanded, so have the implications related to the safety and privacy of students and staff.

Rainbow Schools remind students and parents/guardians that cell phones, digital cameras, personal digital and other electronic devices can be disruptive and must not be activated in class or during examinations and/or assessments without the permission of school staff.

Unauthorized use of personal devices may result in the storage of the device at the office until the end of the school day or until a parent is able to retrieve it. 

Electronic devices must not be used in a manner that violates the privacy or dignity of others. This includes the use of cell phones with cameras (and similar devices) in washrooms, change rooms and any other areas where privacy prevails; taking photographs of a person or persons on school property and/or at school events without the permission of the person or persons being photographed; and posting photographs on the Internet and/or electronically transmitting photographs of a person or persons taken on school property and/or at school events without the permission of the person or persons in the photograph.

Using the Internet and electronic devices with care will ensure that the safety and privacy of students and staff remain first and foremost.


G Suite

At Walden, our students in Grades 3-6 learn to use G Suite software on chromebooks.  Each student is assigned a GMail account for school use. Most teachers use Google Classroom to communicate with students, post learning tasks, and collect student work. Students learn to use Google docs for word processing along with the Read&Write extension that provides a variety of tools for spelling, reading and vocabulary.  Google Slides can be used to create student presentations. In later years, Google Forms and Sheets can help students conduct surveys and collect data for math applications.

During at home learning times, Google Meet helps students to connect with classrooms and teachers online.