Extending the Learning at Home

Extending the Learning at Home

Extending the Learning at Home

The Rainbow District School Board is committed to improving academic excellence by encouraging the connection between learning at home and at school.

There are many reasons to extend learning at home including:

  • supporting the development of academic skills
  • reinforcing student learning
  • developing personal responsibility
  • building effective study habits
  • establishing routines
  • creating partnerships between schools and home (eg., opportunity for parents to read with their children)

Suggested maximum home learning timelines:

JK – Grade 3 Time Guideline: 10 – 30 minutes
Grade 4 – Grade 6 Time Guideline: 30 – 60 minutes
Grade 7 – Grade 8 Time Guideline 60 – 90 Minutes

Suggestions for Learning at Home

  • Completion of unfinished work
  • Project work
  • Additional practice of skills taught
  • Studying and test preparation
  • Practical application of a skill

Parents looking for additional ideas, can discuss resources with their child’s teacher and/or find more inspiration here:

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Doing Mathematics with Your Child K-6

A Parent’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Math Gr. 1-8

Parents as Partners: Learning at Home

RDSB-PIC: Math At Home

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Tutoring Services:

Eurêka! connects French-language students in Grades 1-12 with Ontario certified teachers for free one-on-one tutoring and educational resources in all subjects.