Dressing for the Weather & Snow Days

Dressing for the Weather & Snow Days

Dressing for the Weather

Students participate regularly in outdoor classes and recesses each day. Please check the forecast and dress your child to be outside for times between 20 to 60 minutes at a time.  Dressing in layers is also recommended since temperatures can change significantly over the course of the school day.

Cold Temperatures/Blowing Snow

Staff check the weather forecast before heading outdoors. If the temperature is -25C or colder, including the wind chill factor, we keep the students inside for lessons and recesses. Please send hats, snow pants, boots, extra socks and a few pairs of mittens or gloves so students can be warm, dry and comfortable when outdoors during colder months.

Wet Weather

Even if the temperature is within the acceptable range, steady or heavy rain or very wet outdoor conditions may lead to the decision to remain indoors for lessons and recesses.  Students are sometimes outdoors during a light drizzle or after rains earlier in the day, so rain boots, splash pants, raincoats and a change of socks and pants are recommended especially in the spring months.

Snow Days

Snow days are days when the buses are cancelled. Follow the Walden PS Facebook page or Sudbury Student Services Consortium’s Twitter page for notifications or listen to your favourite local radio station for information regarding cancellations of transportation.

With very rare exception, Rainbow Schools remain open on these inclement weather days. Students who are able to walk or be driven to school can arrive between 8:30-8:50am and must walk home at or be picked up by 3:10pm.  Although it may be a snow day, students will still have outdoor classes and recess if the conditions allow. Please come to school prepared to be outdoors on a snow day.