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Medical Information

Medical Information

Prevalent Medical Conditions

Parents of students with medical needs requiring a plan of care for safety while at school are asked to meet with the school to discuss the needs of their child. Prevalent medical conditions that require plan of care forms include:

For all Prevalent Medical Conditions, parents are asked to fill in Appendix A page 1 as needed and page 2 for all students.


Oral Medications

All student prescription medications required to be adminstered during school hours must be brought in by the parent/guardian and then left secure in the office.  Prescribed medication must have the current prescription label on the bottle/packaging, identifying the child’s name and the medication dosage.  A Physician Authorization of Medication form and/or a Parent Authorization of Medication form must be completed for each medication  and kept on file in the school office. New forms must be completed each school year.

For over the counter medications (ex., Benadryl for mild allergic reactions), the Parent Authorization of Medication form should be completed along with the Oral Medication Administration Log and brought to school along with the medication in its original manufacturer’s packaging.

Emergency Single Dose Medications

We know that mornings can sometimes be quite busy and that medications can sometimes be forgotten. In order to ensure their child’s well-being while causing the least amount of disruption to the learning day, some parents opt to send one or two emergency doses of their child’s medication to be given early in the school day by school staff.


If you realize a dosage was missed, please contact the school so that we can administer an emergency dose as soon as possible. If school staff suspect a morning dose has been missed, we would contact you to discuss the observed symptoms and seek your permission to administer an emergency dose. Under no circumstances would our staff administer a dose without your prior consent.

The Parent Authorization of Medication form must be completed and brought to the school along with the emergency dose(s). The medication must be in a prescription bottle with an accurate label identifying your child, the medication and the dosage to be administered. This medication will be securely stored at school. Any doses remaining in our possession at the end of the school year will be returned to you.